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Manufacturer: Fantastic Plastic
Name: Orion 606 CEV
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 72 resin pieces
styrene sheet
Comments: This kit depicts the '606' configuration of the upcoming Crew Exploration Vehicle. The command module is cast in two pieces: the outer shell and heat shield. The service module is a single solidly cast piece. The command module shell has engraved panel lines and some slight molding gunges in my sample. Some flash exists on pretty much all parts. The main engine bell is also pretty squashed in my kit and will require reshaping under warm water. The rest of the parts are still on their runners: pay careful attention to the instructions, as some of the parts (particularly for the High Gain Antenna) resemble the runners. The solar panels are represented by decals that are applied to the included styrene sheet, then cut out along the boundary. The instruction sheet includes a short history of the CEV concept, illustrated assembly steps and a painting and decaling guide. The decals have been printed on an ALPS printer: the instructions recommend that they be coated with a liquid decal film before using.
Reference Price:
(as of 11/18/07)
$65 + shipping

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