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Manufacturer: Fantastic Plastic
Name: Convair Space Station Lifeboat
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: 14 resin parts
clear acetate
Comments: This kit depicts the lifeboat spacecraft for the proposed Convair Space Station based on the Atlas missile. The resin parts are crisply molded with a smooth surface finish and nicely engraved panel lines. There are no visible airholes in the main spacecraft parts. There is some flash on the cockpit tub and rear fuselage part. Parts have been removed from their pour plugs, but the mating surfaces of the main fuselage parts will need a bit of cleanup. The retrorocket nozzles are nicely hollowed out. The landing skid can be assembled in the retracted or extended position. The only interior detail is a couple of seats (which have a few minor airholes), but you won't be able to see much more through the tiny windows. The instruction sheet consists of a short program history, multi-step assembly instructions with photos and painting/decaling suggestions.
Order from: Fantastic Plastic
625 Rhine Lane
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

email: fantasticplast@aol.com
web: http://www.fantastic-plastic.com/
(as of 2/15/21)
$65 plus shipping

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