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Manufacturer: Fantastic Plastic
Name: Big Gemini
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: 49 resin parts
Comments: This kit depicts a proposed ferry vehicle using Gemini technology. It was designed to transport 12 astronauts and cargo to a space station. The resin parts are superbly cast, with crisp details and no visible airholes. There are a couple of minor mold gunges on a couple of my parts. There's also some flash on the very delicate docking probe parts which will need careful cleanup. The main pieces are hollow, keeping the weight of the model down. They also need some minor cleanup, mostly to remove the remainder of the pour plugs. The RCS nozzles are nicely hollowed out. The instructions include a short program history, along with easy to follow multi-step assembly instructions that are supplemented with photos. A separate and very detailed set of instructions is included for the docking probe, which have very helpful photos to follow. A painting and decaling guide rounds out the instructions.
Reference price: $90.00

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Sven Knudson