1999 Austin Scale Model Show

The Austin Scale Model Show was held on August 21, 1999, at the usual place: the lower level of Palmer Auditorium... I was involved both as a contestant and as an exhibitor with the Austin Model Rocketry Group (AARG), so I stuck around most of the day. There were a total of five entries in the Real Space category, with no controversies about placements this year... and no V-2s! And to top that, the first place winner, David Carlton's very nice Thor-Able Pioneer from the Aurora kit, also took the theme award of the show: Best Cold War Subject. I'm still scratching my head over the judge's picking my Thor-Able Pioneer over the Mark Scheevel's Sandia Sandhawk for third place: I judged that Sandhawk and gave it first place in the June AARG Rockamole regional model rocketry contest. I mean, it was a beautifully done model and it flew!!! Well, anyway, all of the entries in the space category were a cut above the other categories... in my opinion, of course, but then I'm biased.

AARG table AARG table Real space entries Thor-Able
Space Shuttle Discovery Thor Able Sandia Sandhawk Block I Apollo CM
B-47 FICON XB-70

Steve Rogers also shot a bunch more photos of the show, if you want to see more...

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Ninfinger self portrait
Sven Knudson, IPMS#32490

Posted September 21, 1999